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The Diga-Talk system is an all-digital wide area system providing seamless automatic roaming. Take the often-abused cellular phone out of your employee's hands. Replace cellular with Diga-Talk and get your business done. Diga-Talk securely communicates only with the Diga-Talk units in your business. No more unwanted calls from outside your company.

Encrypted secure communications on the Diga-Talk network prevents against any eavesdropping of your sensitive business communication. It also includes NXDN voice and data scrambling for security against external threats while providing confidentiality within the same system and talk group. Inter-networks links are further secured through encrypted VPN tunneling. Also Diga-Talk can automatically validate individual subscriber radio hardware by ESN - (Factory embedded Electronic Serial Number) rather than changing the system's unit and group ID, in the event a radio is lost, stolen, or removed from service. (permanently or temporary) Diga-Talk provides the largest coverage footprint in Wisconsin and Illinois of any non-cellular network.

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