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    What Our Customers Are Saying
“We converted our radio system to the Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital radio system. We have had remarkable success with the system. The system has far surpassed our expectation in coverage and clarity of signal. We’re after what keeps our officers safe and we have to use our money wisely. We are extremely pleased with the overall performance of the system.”
William T. (Tracy) Neal, Communications Director, McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office
“Georgia Aquarium is a unique facility. We are the world’s largest aquarium, hosting approximately 2.4 million annual visitors. The building houses nearly 600,000 square feet and 10 million gallons of water, and is made up of hundreds of thousands of yards of concrete and steel, with walls up to four feet thick in places. Basically, because Kenwood can get fantastic two-way radio communications in this very challenging facility, they can get it in any building.” H. Alan Davis, Director of Safety and Security, Georgia Aquarium, Inc.
“We especially like the size, the durability and the battery life of the portables and use them for fire, EMS and SAR. Once, we dropped a portable radio off a ledge that was so high, we had to use the helicopter to retrieve it. We snapped a new battery on and it was a good as new.” Greg Pace, Wayne County EMS
“We needed a system that would cover not only a large building but also extensive grounds. We also required a level of security that the system’s encryption feature offered. Being a service based organization, we rely heavily on our Kenwood system to keep our operation running smoothly and seamlessly and it has never failed us. Our entire staff relies on our Kenwood system on a daily basis; from dispatching attendants to slot machines, to housekeepers cleaning hotel rooms. On my first visit to Leelanau Sands Casino after our Kenwood system was installed, I took along my NX radio and made the first radio call at over 20 miles away – I was heard loud and clear. That is power and performance!”
Jason Clark, 1st Shift Security Supervisor, Turtle Creek Casino Security, Grand Traverse Resort and Casinos
“I’ve been around for 30 plus years in this business and I’ve seen everything and this is one of the best. A lot of co-ops are in a scramble, worried about narrowbanding, now it’s crunch time. For us, it’s no sweat, we were able to do narrowbanding seamlessly. If you start a tick list and include everything we like about the NEXEDGE radios, it includes clarity, coverage, AVL capabilities and expandability...and the list goes on and on.” Jeff Newman, Coordinator of Mapping and Communications, WIN Energy REMC

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